New Stop on the Brunch Train: Verace

One of my favorite restaurants has joined the brunch party! And I couldn’t be more thrilled to see them in attendance. Verace in Islip is bringing their “true Italian” style to weekend mornings, beginning with a special Father’s Day brunch from noon to 3 PM on June 21, 2015, and carrying brunch over through the summer and hopefully, into permanence.

Beginning June 27, the courtyard of this village gem will be place to be in Islip on Saturdays and Sundays with brunch dishes served from noon to 3 PM and live music to accompany on Sundays. Adding to the percussion section will be the sounds of clinking glasses, toasting merrily: for a mere $13–less than the cost of a single Bellini in Venice, I might add–you’ll be able to take your brunch bottomless when it comes to Bellinis and Bloody Marys.

“The owners have always wanted to bring Italian brunch to the table and we think Verace is the perfect setting — especially with the outdoor space in the summer months,” says Rachel Yarmosh, Social Communications Manager for the Bohlsen Restaurant Group.

I couldn’t agree more. They do a lot in the stunningly urbane and contemporary flagstone courtyard, from fashion shows to midday power lunches. But since lunch was only a weekday thing, it was always to my regret that I couldn’t partake more often. Now, I have no excuses not to work on my farmer’s tan under the South Shore sun with my mouth full of cured meats and Italian cheeses.

Plus, to make a happy few hours even happier, they’re also offering a limited time gift card offer for giving this new meal a shot between June 27 – July 26! This incentive is definitely going to make an early adopter out of me, as if the tempting initial launch menu wasn’t already enough. Be among the first to brunch at Verace, ordering off what is already an exceptional menu, and they’ll give you half of your check back in a gift card to use at a later date. How amazing is that?! I mean, the island’s best spaghetti and meatballs (IMHO) is already fantastic value, especially for ground veal, housemade pasta, and the ambiance, but nothing is cheaper than FREE.


Verace599 Main Street, Islip


The idea here in this section is to provide a teaser of the things I’m excited about, but in this case, I’m essentially posting all the feels about all the items, because there is not a single thing on this well-edited menu that shouldn’t go down my gullet. From wood stone oven-baked egg dishes to sweets and comfort foods, it’s all a big YAAAASSSSS.

  • Lemon Ricotta Pancakes: How can you go wrong? Ricotta makes pancakes insanely fluffy (Chef Steve Cardello’s Relish in King’s Park does a fabulous job executing this style) and lemon is light and summery. Whipped cream, honey, and fresh berries accoompany.
  • Nutella & Banana Crepes: What Italian brunch could be complete without Nutella? Crepes are as European as it comes, as well.
  • Pancetta & Egg Pizza: Bacon. Eggs. Pizza. Add tomato, roasted garlic and pecorino cheese. I don’t see any way this could possibly go wrong.
  • Italian Omelet: My immediate response was: Is that a frittatta I see?! It just might be, since that’s a classic Italian preparation, and a treat I’ve enjoyed on the streets of Capri (Literally. Ate it out of a paper bag on the curb with no shame.) Spinach, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, fennel, onion, and potatoes round it all out. I’m interested in seeing how it stacks up against Brownstones’ five-egg behemoth, featured on The Restaurant Hunter.
  • Sausage & Eggs: Creamy polenta, a staple of Venice, I’m sure will be executed traditionally here. Similar to grits, it makes a great counterpart to savory dishes like this one, featuring spinach, sausage, peppers, and onions.
  • Eggs in Purgatory: Now doesn’t that just sound fun? Tomatoes, onions, chiles, garlic, and salsa verde all make appearances. Not exactly Italian, but at the end of this menu, I’m fairly certain I’d forgive them anything.
  • Bottomless Bellinis and Bloodys: $13. THIRTEEN DOLLARS. ‘Nuff said.

Review to come! 


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