Honu's Lobster Benedict

New Stop on the Brunch Train: Honu Kitchen & Cocktails

For the first time ever, Honu Kitchen & Cocktails is bringing their signature contemporary style and excellence to my favorite meal of the weekend: brunch!

To quote a piece I wrote for Edible Long Island’s site:

Joining the ranks this year is Honu Kitchen & Cocktails, a sumptuous, sleek and urban New American favorite in Huntington Village known for its consistently delicious dinners and handcrafted cocktails. For the first time ever, this outstanding restaurant has ambitiously introduced brunch in its cavernous space, and my best advice is to get in before word gets out and the seats fill up.

Talking to owner Mark Zecher about the menu makes it inevitable that reservations will quickly go from “recommended” to “required.”

Working closely with Chef Robert Flaherty, who has anchored the restaurant since even before Zecher took the helm five years ago, irresistible spins of classic dishes were refined to Honu’s exacting standards.


Honu Kitchen & Cocktails: 363 New York Avenue, Huntington


Having already been a huge fan of Honu, my go-to spot for New American, I was excited to see how they would elevate our classic brunch standbys and what dinner favorites would make earlier appearances than they were usually wont to do.

  • Southwestern Eggs Benedict: Ben is a good friend of mine, and I use him (and pancakes) as a baseline for the rest of the meal. The owner has named this one of the dishes he’s most excited to offer, so clearly, this is going to be a highlight.
  • Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast: Who doesn’t like a good stuffed French toast? Sure, I prefer challah, because as I see it, if you’re going to be bad, you may as well be horrible … but when the French bread they serve with dinner is as on point as it is, it’s hard to believe that the thick-cut Texas toast would be of any lower quality. Also, fresh blueberries!
  • Banana Pancakes: Personally, I’m not a fan of cooked bananas, but I’m in the minority when it comes to this issue. For those who are, this will be a big hit for sure, since the ‘nanners will be folded into the batter to better caramelize on the griddle. Real maple syrup is another bonus. No “breakfast syrup” here!
  • Omelets: I’m going to go ahead and just put the two options into one bullet here since I can’t choose between them. Broccolini and goat cheese or shrimp, asparagus, and guyere are the two varieties, and there are no “make your own” combinations available at this time, which I think is a classy move. I believe in letting chefs do their jobs and trusting their judgment. After all, would you go into a surgeon’s office and tell them how to hold a scalpel? Nope, didn’t think so. Also, with the chef and owner emphasizing perfect execution on the eggs (no browns allowed!), there’s no doubt these variations will satisfy.
  • Pumpkin Ravioli: It’s cheating to include this since I already know it’s one of the best offerings on the menu (seasonal or not, as Zecher wrestles with … he shared with me that there was an uproar when it was briefly taken off the menu since the restaurant focuses on seasonality, but who can blame the crowds? We have spoken and we love this dish). It’s a win to see it under Entrees versus small plates or starters.
  • Steak & Wild Mushroom Quesadilla: Served with pepper jack cheese, salsa verde, and rice pilaf, this would be a great plate to pair with “Long Island’s Best Bloody Mary” … or share as you devour the Southwestern Benedict. I see a lot of smoky flavors on the big menu (the Chipotle Chicken Salad also makes an appearance), which is a nice way to wake up the tastebuds in the early afternoon.
  • Sonoma Chicken Salad on a Croissant: I guess this didn’t test well since it appeared on the preview menu but has since gone away. Too bad … I would have liked to have seen what they could do with an already delicious summer comfort dish!
  • Burgers: Already well-known for their excellent burgers, what brunch would be complete without then? There’s no egg-on-top rendition; only their staples appear, but these half-pounders are already serious about their protein.

Review to come!


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