More Than Just Biscuits

MRBC Cookies

Oversized whole-wheat chocolate chip cookie in the foreground; salted brownie corner cookie in the back.

On Jamesport’s Main Road, the highly anticipated Main Road Biscuit Co. has unofficially opened, with customers already lining up at the door within its first week, coming “in droves,” according to the humbly wonderstruck owner Marissa Drago and executive chef Vincent Purcell.

Media buzz has been non-stop since the soft open took place, with community outlets like Riverhead Local and North Fork Patch quick to report, and more regional publications like Newsday and soon, Edible East End (link to follow upon article posting) hot on their tails.

NorthForker covered the preview as long ago as June, starting the hype.

Obviously, the sky-high buttermilk biscuits–nicely dense, not crumbly, nor greasy; a sturdy base for all things delicious–are a focal point, but other things to get excited about seem to be:

  • Grandma’s Pancakes – a recipe for Belgian-style pancakes developed by co-owner Bryan Drago’s actual grandma, topped with seasonal combinations. For the opening, we’re looking at local apple, bourbon, and maple.
  • Chicken & Biscuit Sandwich – high-risen biscuit topped with panko-crusted fried chicken with housemade pickles and dripping with honey butter.
  • Lemon & Orange Marmalade– generous slices of syrupy fruit and creamy butter make a decadent topping.
  • Salted Corner Brownie Cookies – the light dusting of sea salt is clutch with these crispety yet chewy, richly milk chocolate/fudge-tasting thick cookies.
  • Whole-Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies – the size of your open hand, these thinner, crispy cookies have a sugar topping that make it a lovely cross between traditional CCCs and a sugar cookie.
  • North Fork Roasting Co. Coffee – because yes, we love local!
  • Salads & Specials – determined by seasonality and the produce yield from nearby farms; this is farm-to-table dining, so anything can come out of that kitchen!

Upon its grand opening, they’ll be working on “rolling out” biscuits and gravy and biscuit doughnuts.

At The Brunch Project, we’re looking forward to trying them!

Main Road Biscuit Co. | 1601 Main Road, Jamesport | 631.779.3463



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