Trevor’s Take: Monsoon’s Party Brunch

We reported with delight a few weeks ago that Monsoon in Babylon–another Bohlsen family restaurant–was hosting a “Love Bites” brunch for Valentine’s Day. Today, bottomless brunch enthusiast Trevor Sloat reports back on his experience at this special once-in-a-blue-moon event. Read on for the first of “Trevor’s Takes!”

Despite not having anyone to go with, I refused to skip Monsoon’s rarely offered bottomless brunch special. What was the special occasion? A single’s Valentine’s Day party with a DJ, two hours of bottomless mimosas and sangria, and Monsoon’s specialty brunch menu!

The Scene

The ambiance was perfect. Dimmed lighting gave the environment an intimate feel despite the crowd, especially upstairs, where many brunchers ended up being seated. Upon entering, the DJ was already spinning records for the large crowd already at the bar waiting for their names to be called for the 1:30 PM seating. I decided to give my table to a group of people and sit at the bar in order to have the freedom to move around the lively scene, where Billboard Top 100s and 90s and 00s classics kept my head rocking the whole time.

Although the bar area emptied out once everyone got their tables, it filled back up after 3:30 PM, when an influx of people who still wanted to continue the party came downstairs to drink, dance, and socialize with fellow brunchers and take advantage of Monsoon’s happy hour and after-brunch specials.

The Food

Although the Korean Chicken & Waffles were the popular choice, I went with the Breakfast Fried Rice.

I had zero regrets. Filled with egg, cheese, bacon and ham, there were no overbearing flavors. Each ingredient complemented on another for a combination so good, I had to resist sticking my face directly into the bowl and completely embarrassing myself.

The Drinks

I started off with a mimosa, then moved on to red and white sangrias that were well made and crisp, topped with plenty of fruit. The red sangria had that bite that I look for; you could really taste the red wine in it. The white had a sweeter, mellower flavor.

Trevor’s Shout-Outs

  • Service was fantastic; the bartenders—especially Kayla—were very attentive to when I needed another drink, and were helpful with my meal choice and able to discuss aspects of the brunch.
  • Monsoon’s party brunch was perfect for revelers who like a more upscale but trendy brunch
  • This would be a great venue for something like a birthday or celebration.

The staff mentioned there will be more opportunities for brunch, and with more frequency, leading to high hopes for a repeat experience. I’d call this a 5 out of 5 and not to be missed!


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