Good News: Patchogue Breakfast Crawl Announced

New York City may have BrunchCon coming up (for which our fortunate friend Trevor will be in attendance), but here on Long Island? Well, we’re excited to share the news that our very own Patchogue Village will be hosting another breakfast crawl this May.

With so many great brunch venues in this continuously growing, dynamic South Shore, Suffolk County village, the event scheduled for Saturday, May 20 provides a gloriously gluttonous way to sample a significant serving of what that town has to offer.

The concept is similar to a bar crawl, which means specials will be on offer at all of the venues. Beers, Bloodys, and other brunch-y beverages will be options at applicable venues–one of the many beauties of having brunch on a Saturday.

The crawl itself will run from 9 AM to noon, following the format of Patchogue’s previous three breakfast crawls. Similar to 2016, two more will be planned for this year as well, news of which our friends at will keep us posted on for sure.

Tickets to the event are scheduled to go on sale sometime next month via the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce and the proceeds will go toward the Arts on Terry Festival, allowing you to brunch for a better cause than “just because.”

According to this excellent briefing by, they are expected to go for $25 to try the goods at five venues and $35 for ten. To bounce around the town, this certainly sounds like a deal to us!


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