Splurge-Worthy Mother’s Day Brunch Buffets

Mother’s Day … one of the most popular–and for restaurants, profitable–brunch dates on the calendar, Long Island provides ample opportunities to get your egg on. Your favorite standbys will no doubt be packed, but not to worry. Instead, take advantage of venues that are usually not open for this meal, or even to the public!

After all, special occasions are only as special as you make them. So why not do something out of the ordinary or typically unavailable?

Today’s list focuses on exactly that, with Mother’s Day-only offerings and grand spreads.

White tablecloths, chocolate fountains, overflowing buffets, and of course, plenty of bubbly promise to accompany the pricey tag on country club openings, but consider it an investment in both breakfast and lunch.

Here’s our index of fancy and not usually available brunch OR a “treat yo’self” buffet for Mother’s Day, May 14, 2017, on Long Island. Continue reading


Mutts & Mimosas Brunch Fundraiser

We at the Long Island Brunch Project loves when our passion for brunch intersects with our passion for good deeds. So we’re very excited to share that it’s not too late to purchase a ticket to Mutts & Mimosas at the Merrick Golf Course on Sunday, April 30, 2017 to raise funds for Ruff House Rescue. 

It’s only $35 to attend; you can secure your spot until April 29, 2017 here. With that link, you can even pre-buy raffle tickets as well as entries to win a Caribbean cruise for two. Raffle tickets are $3 individually and are discounted by volume, while the cruise entries are $20 each.

Your brunch reservation gets you cocktails and a brunch buffet, and coffee and dessert for when you’re ready to call the afternoon done … or if you want to start off sweetly.

More information can be found on Ruff House Rescue’s Events page. Any questions can be directed to Sara at Ruff House Rescue.

Merrick Golf Course: 2550 Clubhouse Road

  • Days: Sunday,April 30, 2017
  • Times: 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Menu: Static
  • Type: Buffet brunch, $35
  • Yelp Reviews | My Review

Easter Brunch Options

Looking to make last-minute plans for family brunch this Easter Sunday? The Long Island Pulse did a great job rounding up some of your best bets, many at places that don’t usually offer brunch outside of holidays.

It may not be fully comprehensive and leaves out some of my personal beloved favorites (Polo at the Garden City Hotel, for one!), but it’s an excellent start and offers info on where to find that “wascally wabbit” this weekend.

Check it out here! http://lipulse.com/2017/04/06/long-island-easter-brunch-2017/

Good News: Patchogue Breakfast Crawl Announced

New York City may have BrunchCon coming up (for which our fortunate friend Trevor will be in attendance), but here on Long Island? Well, we’re excited to share the news that our very own Patchogue Village will be hosting another breakfast crawl this May.

With so many great brunch venues in this continuously growing, dynamic South Shore, Suffolk County village, the event scheduled for Saturday, May 20 provides a gloriously gluttonous way to sample a significant serving of what that town has to offer.

The concept is similar to a bar crawl, which means specials will be on offer at all of the venues. Beers, Bloodys, and other brunch-y beverages will be options at applicable venues–one of the many beauties of having brunch on a Saturday.

The crawl itself will run from 9 AM to noon, following the format of Patchogue’s previous three breakfast crawls. Similar to 2016, two more will be planned for this year as well, news of which our friends at GreaterPatchogue.com will keep us posted on for sure.

Tickets to the event are scheduled to go on sale sometime next month via the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce and the proceeds will go toward the Arts on Terry Festival, allowing you to brunch for a better cause than “just because.”

According to this excellent briefing by GreaterPatchogue.com, they are expected to go for $25 to try the goods at five venues and $35 for ten. To bounce around the town, this certainly sounds like a deal to us!

Review: Polo Steakhouse at the Garden City Hotel

The Sceneimg_20170226_140407

The building itself is only ’80s-old, but its history predates even the Gatsby era levels of grandeur. The service follows suit, as immediately apparent from the courteous complimentary valet under the portecochère that sheltered the doormanned entrance of this AAA Four Diamond hotel.

We walked in to a sparkling lobby where, immediately to our right, were the open door and smiling hostess and manager of Polo Steakhouse (once known as Rein). Having arrived a few minutes early, we literally peeked behind a billowing curtain to preview what was in store for us at Long Island’s answer to the Rainbow Room in New York City. Set up in a semi-partitioned space with tasteful decor, ornamental fireplaces, and streaming sunlight with stations set up strategically along the passageway, the layout belied the variety and quantity of choices on which to dine. The flow was such that despite the crowd, you didn’t feel crowded; despite the tremendous selection, you felt relaxed and not overwhelmed. img_20170226_141334

We’d also like to note that sharing lobby space with a semi-enclosed brunch spread can be challenging since bacon and its like tends to waft, but clean air circulated throughout the space and kept scents neutral–an impressive feat.

We were escorted through the tasteful Polo Lounge space, where a large bar was capped by large TVs and coffered ceilings. Stately in a country club smoking lounge kind of way, it was upscale without excess and very classy. img_20170226_115049From there, we were led past a second hosts’ stand to the main dining room, where rich reds and golds, leather trim and heavy oversized seating, and an ornate chandelier set in a tray ceiling set a tone of posh, masculine tradition befitting a high-end steakhouse. The setting was intimate and extremely luxurious, but again, in a discreet manner that makes one simply feel important just for being there without being able to state why.

And so we began.

Continue reading

Meet Trevor Sloat

Although this site is a work in progress, there is work being done! Many thanks are owed to Trevor Sloat, a local grad student with a passion for brunching that only kindred spirits share. After stumbling on this site, he took it upon himself to contact us about contributing his own vast knowledge of brunch on the western front (read: Nassau!) and naturally, we were more than happy to add some of his hometown, off the eastern Island-radar favorites to the Long Island Brunch Project.

Trevor's not waffling on his feelings for brunch ...

Trevor’s not waffling on his feelings for brunch …

Thanks to him, we’ve now got Long Beach gems like Billy’s Beach Cafe, Brixx & Barley, The Cabana, Whale’s Tale, and Jetty on the Nassau list (among others), plus Lynbrook’s McQuade’s Neighborhood Grill, Fisherman’s Catch in Point Lookout, and details on the lowest key, unexpected brunch in Bay Shore, at Kumo’s.

“There’s nothing like a bottomless brunch in my hometown of Long Beach, so I wanted to share some of my southern Nassau knowledge.”

He’d been thinking about putting together a resource like this, and being that great (and hungry) minds think alike, we’re looking forward to collaborating with him as he lends his boozy brunch expertise to the Project.

Trevor has put on the record: “I’m an avid brunch goer … [it’s] a great way for me and my friends to have a great time, enjoy some drinks while budgeting, and getting the best ‘bang for your buck.’ I’ve essentially replaced my Saturday nights for Sunday [afternoons], and brunching for football Sundays or beautiful summer days is definitely the preferred option for my whole group now!”

Clearly, brunch is a meal for everyone, and with Trevor’s help, the Long Island Brunch Project is about to expand your options even more.

Chocolate Fountain

Review: Desmond’s at East Wind

The Scene

Miles of scenic farmland, growing ever more lush and green as the drive east continued, make a bucolic introduction to a stately, meticulously landscaped entry for one of the Island’s most popular wedding venues. A manor stood at the end of the drive, with elegant signs pointing the way to the restaurant, spa, garden house, and other venues. It was beautiful, but felt a bit lacking in soul; you could easily tell that this is a catering hall run by corporate heads, set to a formula of what is generally pleasing across the board…which is not necessarily a bad thing!

Desmond’s at East Wind was our destination, so we followed that sign to an ample parking lot that led toward the back of the big building, parked, and walked up to a grand double-door entrance, next to a sign for ice cream. The entrance foyer was similarly generically attractive in a slightly older (90s?), classic style, and the shiny wooden bar smacked of tradition.

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Plattdeutsche Park Biergarten Hall

Review: Plattdeutsche Park Restaurant

The Scene

We pulled up to a brick-facade house, nondescript and built in the generic style of so many other mass-produced homes of busy Long Island suburbs. The parking lot was a narrow one; I worried about having to back up into busy Hempstead Turnpike after being stuffed too full of pretzels, schnitzel, and eggs to twist my body around to see. We got out and walked in, slightly confused. It felt more like an apartment building in Queens than a restaurant, and looked nothing like the pictures I’d seen. The mystery was solved as we were directed out of the historic gathering hall and toward the back, where a gorgeous, timbered building stood in a massive biergarten space, complete with picnic tables, giant games, and a permanent food stand set-up that was closed on this sunny Sunday.

Walking into the main building, we were instantly struck by an impression of honeyed woods, rich golden tones lending warmth and light to a massive space with an equally massive bar that opened up into the biergarten grounds. It wasn’t hard to picture hundreds of dancers and revelers taking to the dance floor in front of the big stage at the opposite end of the bar, their faces lit by the soft glow of the oversized, pillar candle-style chandeliers that hung from the sky-high ceilings.

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Why Brunch?

I’m obsessed with brunch. Obsessed. 

Yes, I know as well as anyone else that’s ever worked in a commercial restaurant kitchen that brunch is a fire sale of the leftovers just on the verge of turning. It’s a cheap way to make an easy profit, filling people up with comfort and carbs.

But brunch can also be an indication of the mastery of the art of cooking. After all, anyone can fry an egg. Anyone can judge how an egg is fried, too. But it takes something truly special to make something as classic, cheap, and potentially mundane into morph into something joyful and remarkable. That’s the artistry. Continue reading

Sunroom at Jedediah Hawkins Inn

The Mission

When Ron Swanson said he wanted “all the bacon and eggs,” he was deadly serious. And so am I.

Join me as I embark on a journey of having brunch at EVERY brunch venue on Long Island, and document the highs and lows of each experience while also providing a comprehensive index/to do list of opportunities to brunch throughout.

Gone is the need to spend hours scouring the pages of your favorite or most top-of-mind restaurants looking for a brunch menu. No more searching Yelp for brunch options, only to find mentions in the reviews but no photos … or even worse, no brunch. Never again enter a brunch buffet with uncertainty, or drive out to a lauded restaurant only to be disappointed. I’m doing all the legwork for you, and separating it all by region with easy-to-search tags.

I brunch with vigor; I brunch with fortitude; and now, I brunch for the greater good. Happy years of Sundays, Long Island! Because this daunting challenge has been gladly accepted.

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