Splurge-Worthy Mother’s Day Brunch Buffets

Mother’s Day … one of the most popular–and for restaurants, profitable–brunch dates on the calendar, Long Island provides ample opportunities to get your egg on. Your favorite standbys will no doubt be packed, but not to worry. Instead, take advantage of venues that are usually not open for this meal, or even to the public!

After all, special occasions are only as special as you make them. So why not do something out of the ordinary or typically unavailable?

Today’s list focuses on exactly that, with Mother’s Day-only offerings and grand spreads.

White tablecloths, chocolate fountains, overflowing buffets, and of course, plenty of bubbly promise to accompany the pricey tag on country club openings, but consider it an investment in both breakfast and lunch.

Here’s our index of fancy and not usually available brunch OR a “treat yo’self” buffet for Mother’s Day, May 14, 2017, on Long Island. Continue reading


Easter Brunch Options

Looking to make last-minute plans for family brunch this Easter Sunday? The Long Island Pulse did a great job rounding up some of your best bets, many at places that don’t usually offer brunch outside of holidays.

It may not be fully comprehensive and leaves out some of my personal beloved favorites (Polo at the Garden City Hotel, for one!), but it’s an excellent start and offers info on where to find that “wascally wabbit” this weekend.

Check it out here! http://lipulse.com/2017/04/06/long-island-easter-brunch-2017/

Now a Proud Member of the Foodie Tribe!

foodie-tribe-badgeWe are so excited to share news about our acceptance into the Foodie Tribe, a collective of food influencers, culinary pioneers, and gastronomic brands that partner together for the greater good of the eating world.

This collaboration will mostly take place on Instagram; you can follow Su-Jit at @sjlin on that forum for all things brunch … and other almost as important meals.

You can find information on Foodie Tribe on www.foodietribe.org, or also on Instagram at @foodietribe.

Looking forward to great things to come!

Review: Pure North Fork

The Scene

Hidden inside the Great Rock Golf Club and in Wading River and not actually on the North Fork, it’s no wonder that this restaurant is up against odds when it comes to generating awareness of the venue. (There were only two other tables dining during our noon seating on this particular Sunday.) Driving through the gated entrance, it feels like a typical community development. A few seconds in and the restaurant signage points you left. Easy-peasey.

A spacious parking lot and short walk into the main building meant a speedier start to the brunch experience. A contemporary Hyatt-like decor (I took several pictures of the beautiful, modern setting that were unfortunately wiped out from my DSLR camera, and more’s the shame!) set a scene that was very stylishly New American, despite being a tad impersonal.

It took mere seconds to be seated at a lovely table flooded with natural sunlight and overlooking a meticulously groomed hole on the golf course, and not much longer to receive our menus and have water poured. And so it began.

Continue reading


More Than Just Biscuits

MRBC Cookies

Oversized whole-wheat chocolate chip cookie in the foreground; salted brownie corner cookie in the back.

On Jamesport’s Main Road, the highly anticipated Main Road Biscuit Co. has unofficially opened, with customers already lining up at the door within its first week, coming “in droves,” according to the humbly wonderstruck owner Marissa Drago and executive chef Vincent Purcell.

Media buzz has been non-stop since the soft open took place, with community outlets like Riverhead Local and North Fork Patch quick to report, and more regional publications like Newsday and soon, Edible East End (link to follow upon article posting) hot on their tails.

NorthForker covered the preview as long ago as June, starting the hype.

Obviously, the sky-high buttermilk biscuits–nicely dense, not crumbly, nor greasy; a sturdy base for all things delicious–are a focal point, but other things to get excited about seem to be:

  • Grandma’s Pancakes – a recipe for Belgian-style pancakes developed by co-owner Bryan Drago’s actual grandma, topped with seasonal combinations. For the opening, we’re looking at local apple, bourbon, and maple.
  • Chicken & Biscuit Sandwich – high-risen biscuit topped with panko-crusted fried chicken with housemade pickles and dripping with honey butter.
  • Lemon & Orange Marmalade– generous slices of syrupy fruit and creamy butter make a decadent topping.
  • Salted Corner Brownie Cookies – the light dusting of sea salt is clutch with these crispety yet chewy, richly milk chocolate/fudge-tasting thick cookies.
  • Whole-Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies – the size of your open hand, these thinner, crispy cookies have a sugar topping that make it a lovely cross between traditional CCCs and a sugar cookie.
  • North Fork Roasting Co. Coffee – because yes, we love local!
  • Salads & Specials – determined by seasonality and the produce yield from nearby farms; this is farm-to-table dining, so anything can come out of that kitchen!

Upon its grand opening, they’ll be working on “rolling out” biscuits and gravy and biscuit doughnuts.

At The Brunch Project, we’re looking forward to trying them!

Main Road Biscuit Co. | 1601 Main Road, Jamesport | 631.779.3463


Chocolate Fountain

Review: Desmond’s at East Wind

The Scene

Miles of scenic farmland, growing ever more lush and green as the drive east continued, make a bucolic introduction to a stately, meticulously landscaped entry for one of the Island’s most popular wedding venues. A manor stood at the end of the drive, with elegant signs pointing the way to the restaurant, spa, garden house, and other venues. It was beautiful, but felt a bit lacking in soul; you could easily tell that this is a catering hall run by corporate heads, set to a formula of what is generally pleasing across the board…which is not necessarily a bad thing!

Desmond’s at East Wind was our destination, so we followed that sign to an ample parking lot that led toward the back of the big building, parked, and walked up to a grand double-door entrance, next to a sign for ice cream. The entrance foyer was similarly generically attractive in a slightly older (90s?), classic style, and the shiny wooden bar smacked of tradition.

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Why Brunch?

I’m obsessed with brunch. Obsessed. 

Yes, I know as well as anyone else that’s ever worked in a commercial restaurant kitchen that brunch is a fire sale of the leftovers just on the verge of turning. It’s a cheap way to make an easy profit, filling people up with comfort and carbs.

But brunch can also be an indication of the mastery of the art of cooking. After all, anyone can fry an egg. Anyone can judge how an egg is fried, too. But it takes something truly special to make something as classic, cheap, and potentially mundane into morph into something joyful and remarkable. That’s the artistry. Continue reading

Project in Progress!

Hello, world!

That’s the default post for many a site and blog engines, and it seems apropos here. I just wanted to point out that this reference site is currently still a work in progress and under construction, so we won’t be up and running for a little bit. In the meantime, I’ll be working on indexing everything for you good Long Islanders and fellow ladies (and gents) who brunch, and will announce a soft launch date when I know when I’m getting close to completing at least the list–the most important part!

Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, tell me what you think should be my top priority:

See you soon!

Sunroom at Jedediah Hawkins Inn

The Mission

When Ron Swanson said he wanted “all the bacon and eggs,” he was deadly serious. And so am I.

Join me as I embark on a journey of having brunch at EVERY brunch venue on Long Island, and document the highs and lows of each experience while also providing a comprehensive index/to do list of opportunities to brunch throughout.

Gone is the need to spend hours scouring the pages of your favorite or most top-of-mind restaurants looking for a brunch menu. No more searching Yelp for brunch options, only to find mentions in the reviews but no photos … or even worse, no brunch. Never again enter a brunch buffet with uncertainty, or drive out to a lauded restaurant only to be disappointed. I’m doing all the legwork for you, and separating it all by region with easy-to-search tags.

I brunch with vigor; I brunch with fortitude; and now, I brunch for the greater good. Happy years of Sundays, Long Island! Because this daunting challenge has been gladly accepted.

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