About the Project

First and foremost, this site is a community resource for the foodies of Long Island.

It’s a repository of all things brunch on our big stretch of sandbar, a comprehensive index of all the options there are from Garden City to Greenport; “last stop Ronkonkoma” to the only destination of the Jitney; the entire length of Middle Country Road beyond Middle Island; Montauk Highway through Montauk itself; between the shores and back again.

You get the picture.

The vision (like the dragon) has three heads (right now):

  1. Index: Uniform categories give you all the information you need at a glance, providing a snapshot of options divided by region
  2. Verdicts: As a food writer, Yelp Elite member, daughter and granddaughter of chefs, and general gastronomic enthusiast, how can I not share my opinions?
  3. News: Because any news about brunch is good news, and nobody shoots that messenger

As I say in my Mission, my goal is to help Long Islanders enjoy the best meal of the week the best ways possible.

Gone is the need to spend hours scouring the pages of your favorite or most top-of-mind restaurants looking for a brunch menu. No more searching Yelp for brunch options, only to find mentions in the reviews but no photos … or even worse, no brunch. Never again enter a brunch buffet with uncertainty, or drive out to a lauded restaurant only to be disappointed. I’m doing all the legwork for you, and separating it all by region.

And that’s the long and short of it.


The thing is, huzzy and I both have demanding jobs we’re passionate about … which is both a blessing and a curse. Between his long weekdays and Saturdays at the office, my late nights at the office then at the gym, date nights got harder and harder to schedule. Mentally exhausted after work, our time together usually has us sitting in silence, staring at one glowing screen or another and ignoring each other while scarfing down dinner in stretchy pants (for expansion purposes, this is just practical). Sexy, right?

Yeah, we came to that same conclusion. And so our personal brunch tradition began.

Brunch is an experience, a drawn-out, luxurious savoring of moments, a mini-escape from the mundane and ordinary. It allows us to enjoy the thrill of a scenic drive in the summer and the coziness of comfort food in the winter. It brought back that feeling of exploration that bonds us together when we travel, and the decadence of spending hours at a restaurant in the middle of the day. The chance to really sit and enjoy one another’s company and that of friends in a casual, indulgent, and leisurely setting. It makes it possible to sleep in and still get errands done, or to burn off the guilt beforehand or later in the day. And it sets the tone for a day together that truly focuses on connecting with the person or people you’re catching up with that helps you end a well-deserved weekend on a high note.

So I started making a list. I sent meeting invites from iCal to iCal and began to plan. But as I kept uncovering more and more great restaurants that did brunch, but only on certain days, times, etc., it became harder to keep track of, schedule, revisit, or even plan. As for paring down the list, that was non-negotiable; I am nothing if not thorough. As a history and English major, a journalist, a copywriter, and avid traveler, I research like it’s a sport, and do it recreationally.

All of this led to this thought: if brunches are sprouting up everywhere and MY obsessive-compulsive, militantly-organized self was having a hard time keeping track, why not put it in one public place and help others find their perfect brunch?

So here it is. In this index, on this site, on this island … somewhere is your best brunch. Enjoy!


One thought on “About the Project

  1. Trevor Sloat says:


    My name is Trevor. I recently thought about making a blog site before stumbling upon yours, which is more or less what I’ve been looking for and focused on doing. Your website is wonderful, it’s exactly the type of resource I would use and help guide other people with to find great brunch spots. A little about me: I am a current grad student at Long Island University for school counseling and a customer service rep at Optimum. I live currently in Bay Shore but grew up in Long Beach for most of my life. I am an avid brunch go-er (every Sunday for the most part) and preach excellent things about brunch ever since I started going about 2 1/2 years ago. My perspective is a little bit different from yours. Brunch is a great way for my friends and I to have a great time, enjoy some drinks while budgeting and getting the best “bang for your buck” I’ve essentially replaced my Saturday nights for Sundays, and brunching for football Sundays or beautiful summer days is definitely the preferred option for my whole group now.

    I am writing you because I am interested in contributing to this website. I feel like I have a great knowledge of different places (some of which aren’t on here) on Long Island, as well as a different perspective that might help out the community even more. If you wish to chat more, please email me back and I am looking forward for an opportunity to be apart of such an awesome project!



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